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Tasteful Japanese agricultural products with good care of safety and security have high demand in the world.

Japanese rice, fruits, vegetables, stock farm products, and their processed products are highly evaluated and dealt in good prices. The demand from those who is fascinated by their taste is high. However many foreign buyers are disappointed the fact that the exporting amounts are very small and it is difficult to secure the stable amount of products to deal with. It is because of the condition of Japanese agricultural system with small productive bulks in wide variety. Until today, the foreign buyers who wish to deal with Japanese fresh food had to come to visit Japan to negotiate with individual farmers, make contracts, purchase, arrange quarantine procedure, customs clearance, and chilled delivery, which made many of the foreign companies to hesitate to go forward as a business with its cost, time and great amount of effort to spend for.

Japanese Foods International Trade Center(JFIT Center) JFIT Center is here to solve these troubles which made the foreign buyers to hesitate to procure Japanese fresh foods. JFIT Center is established to provide the service which made it much easier for the international buyers to deal with high quality Japanese agricultural goods, stock farming products and their processed products.

Company Outline

Company Name
Japanese Food International Trade Center Co.,Ltd.
Company Address
2F Dai-Ichi Aoyama bldg. 3-3-7 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
107-0061, JAPAN
November 7, 2014
Paid-in Capital
40.6 million yen (including capital reserve)
Our Bank
Mizuho Bank

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer
Brief career historyYuji Hiruma
Chief Operating Officer
Brief career historySachiko Zenyouji
Brief career historyKeiko Kato
Corporate officer
Brief career historyMatsushita Tankei
Corporate Officer and Chief Financial Manager
Brief career historyLi Heyi
Toru Onozawa
President and CEO of Chubu Shintoshi Service, Inc
Kensaku Kumabe
Representative Director of Research Institute for Policy, Economy and Business in Russia and Eurasia,Inc
Takamasa Goto
The Director of the Institute for Sustainable Management
Masaharu Kouda
Lawyer at the Kioicho Law Office (a Member of the Daini Tokyo Bar Association)